Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Charlottesville Nazi rally exposes danger of dog-whistle politics

It’s a long way from Virginia to Alberta. But the shock waves from the neo-Nazi rallies that overwhelmed Charlottesville this weekend echo here. It was telling how quickly the leadership candidates for the United Conservative Party responded to the murder and mayhem by the American “alt-right” hate-mongers.

Doug Schweitzer, the Calgary lawyer who’s trying to position himself as the moderate candidate in the leadership fight, was first to take to Twitter to denounce the Charlottesville riot — and to call out Rebel Media for its initial fawning coverage of the white supremacist marchers.

“Charlottesville is a reminder of the need to fight extremism and alt-right politics,” Schweitzer stated. “We can’t let this come to Alberta and Canada.”

The Rebel TV is defending Nazis,” Schweitzer continued. “This is just wrong … Enough is enough. We have to be better than this in Canada. Stand up to them for a change. We all need to lead by example.”

He was followed a few minutes later by fellow UCP leadership candidate and former Wildrose leader Brian Jean, who offered a one-tweet statement.

“White supremacists have no place in our society. I echo my colleague Doug Schweitzer in condemning what is happening in Charlottesville.”

It took a good three hours longer for Jason Kenney to post his own fiery statement.

“So sad to see vile, racist spectacle in Virginia,” Kenney stated. “Hatred has now turned to violence. Those responsible attack all that is best about America.”  (more...)


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