Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rockefeller's legacy: Enabling sexual revolution

David Rockefeller’s recentl death at age 101 merits universal attention. The founder of Standard Oil and at one time the world’s richest billionaire, establishment media celebrates his largess through philanthropic efforts of his family’s Rockefeller Foundation.

Like similar foundations run by his contemporaries, Bill Gates and George Soros, Rockefeller’s Foundation has always given financial support to “social justice” causes they themselves agree with, action some critics describe as financing government-controlled social change.

The Rockefeller Foundation has been a leader in social change since the early 1900s and pioneered many causes now furthered by Gates and Soros. The dark side of the legacy of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rockefeller fortune is something that is not likely to be included in media accolades of David Rockefeller’s life.

Those of us whose memories predate World War II remember how Rockefeller’s Standard Oil helped Hitler’s Third Reich before and during that war. Outspoken Sen. Harry Truman, D-Mo., described the Rockefeller involvement as treason. The Chicago Tribune reported:
“Standard Oil could be scarcely regarded as an ‘American’ business … it was a hostile and dangerous agency of the enemy,’ Senate Committee Chairman Truman left the hearings snorting. ‘I think this approaches treason. … Even after we were in the war, Standard Oil of New Jersey was putting forth every effort of which it was capable to protect the control of the German government over vital war material. As Patrick Henry said: “‘If that is treason then make the most of it!” Yes, it is treason. You cannot translate it any other way.'”
The Rockefeller Foundation also gave financial aid to Germany’s Eugenics programs and later America’s two most important eugenic sexual revolutionaries: the father of the sexual revolution, Dr. Alfred Kinsey of Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, and Margaret Sanger, the founder of abortion-on-demand and population-control agent Planned Parenthood.  (more...)


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