Thursday, April 6, 2017

Child sex abuser Henry Clarke tracked down to Canada

BBC News NI’s Kevin Magee at Clarke’s home in Canada
A serial child sex abuser who admitted his crimes to police has never been brought to justice.

Henry Clarke, 75, confessed to abusing three different boys at care homes in Northern Ireland.

A retired church pastor, he has been living in Canada since he made the admissions in 1985.

At the time, the director of public prosecutions ordered no prosecution, and police failed to act on a further confession.

The Canadian authorities were never informed.

BBC News NI made a 4,000 mile journey to track Henry Clarke down to where he now lives, in a small northern Canadian town hundreds of miles from the nearest city.

When questioned, he admitted he had abused three boys in his care in Northern Ireland in the late 60s and early 70s.

"At that time, I would not have used the word paedophile because I would never (have) thought of it, but subsequently as years have gone on, I realised that is the proper word for what I had done," he said.  (more...)


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