Sunday, December 11, 2016

Panama Papers revelations have already delivered results

International heads of state named on the rolls of clandestine companies in tax havens.

Canada’s big banks facilitating tax avoidance through thousands of offshore enterprises.

Strawmen fronting businesses to mask the identities of the real owners.

After a year-long investigation into 11.5 million leaked tax haven documents, the Panama Papers were finally made public last April — and they landed like a bomb.

Laying bare the secretive world of offshore finance, reports detailed the secretive flow of billions of dollars in a parallel offshore economy.

It was the biggest journalistic collaboration in history. Worldwide, more than 4,700 articles have been published on the contents of the leak, documenting revelations that have claimed the careers of heads of state, triggered at least 150 inquiries and audits in 79 countries and prompted criminal investigations into more than 6,500 companies and individuals.  (more...)


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