Thursday, December 22, 2016

‘Hitler actually wasn’t that bad’: How Neo-Nazis are using attractive young women to boost their movement

#isyourmomanazi nazi fascism feminism women

In one of her online videos from her suburban Toronto bedroom, 19-year-old Veronica Bouchard slouches before the camera in a low-cut dress and a choker, lamenting the Jewish conspiracy to control society by corrupting minds with degenerate inter-racial pornography.

In another, she offers cupcakes decorated with swastikas to a portrait of Adolf Hitler, as she sings him Happy Birthday.

“Hitler actually wasn’t that bad. He wasn’t evil at all. And he’s one of my favourite people of all time,” she says.

Petite and pretty, she speaks variously in an over-acted breathy whisper, or a treacly, girlish singsong, sometimes blatantly trying to force tears about the supposed genocide of white people. At other times, she is vulgar, smug, sarcastic, agitated and angry, swearing at the suggestion she is uneducated and ignorant.  (more...)


I knew girls  enrolled at the department of women's studies at my alma mater who made this same pitch. Yes, there is a connection between Naziism and feminism. And, there is a connection between eugenics and the 1970s pro-abortion movement. If you're still fighting the Reds, you're fighting the wrong Bolsheviks.
#isyourmomanazi nazi fascism feminism women
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