Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Freemasons delete webpage on paedophile Gordon Anglesea’s libel judge

Convicted paedophile, police superintendent and freemason Gordon Anglesea is dead.

In 1994, Anglesea was famously awarded £375,000 in libel damages against four media organisations who presciently linked Anglesea to allegations of child abuse by suggesting he had been a regular visitor to the infamous Bryn Estyn children’s home in North Wales.

But the libel judge – Sir Maurice Drake – gave a monstrously biased summing up in favour of Anglesea, in which he said:
“Experience in the courts shows that where men and women, boys and girls make complaints of sexual assault they do sometimes make up stories, either completely or exaggerate some incident out of all proportion so that it no longer bears any relationship to the truth. 
“And of course a complaint that someone has sexually assaulted you is comparatively easy to make up and difficult to rebut. It is the nature of a sexual complaint that no one else is likely to have seen it.”  (more...)

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