Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ontario's Shotgun Wedding Bureau: College of Teachers raises alarm over proposed law

TORONTO - Ontario’s College of Teachers says that under a proposed law, a teacher who marries a student would be exempt from allegations of sexual misconduct in cases where the relationship began when the pupil was younger than 18.

The college raised the concerns in a letter to Education Minister Mitzie Hunter on Wednesday. They called on her to address weaknesses in Bill 37, legislation aimed at beefing up laws to protect students from sexual abuse.

The college, which oversees teacher discipline, says that in some cases, the law actually rolls back a number of important oversight rules — including statutes that govern allegations of abuse against teachers who marry their students.

A spousal definition in the new law creates an exemption that could see a teacher avoid discipline under some circumstances, college registrar Michael Salvatori said.

“Our view is that a teacher is in a position of trust and authority over a student,” he said. “If at the time of the allegations they’re unmarried, that would be abuse or conduct unbecoming. The insertion of a spousal exemption without any limitations saying when the marital relationship started would allow someone to be exempt if they later married the individual.”  (more...)


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  1. The problem is much larger than what the Ontario College of Teachers claims. Ask them why they have refused to investigate more than 1/2 of the complaints against school admin and you may be surprised....Even better still ask them why they have not stopped marriage with victims before now...... Want to find out what they do behind closed doors at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. Get a copy of my complaint before the Human Rights Tribunal. James A. Black vs the Ontario College of Teachers. You may find out who they offered to shoot with a rifle or what they do when racial discrimination is raised during council meetings. Even better still get a copy of the Black Report that was requested by the Ministry of Education that was leaked back to the Ontario College of Teachers. ooops truth does hurt when it comes to children being brutally attacked and abused behind closed doors.

    1. It's supremely ironic that Jacques Tremblay was on the panel for Mr. Black's OCT disciplinary hearing:

      What a can of worms. Small consolation that some people are taking notice: