Friday, November 18, 2016

Report 'any acts of hate' to police: TDSB

Toronto District School Board administrators are being told to report “any acts of hate” to Toronto Police for investigation.

A notification signed by Director of Education John Malloy and TDSB chair Robin Pilkey expresses concern about “a number of incidents of racism and hate” that have occurred in the city.

On Tuesday, someone who has yet to be identified spray-painted “it’s the Jews” on an outside wall of David Hornell Junior School in Etobicoke.

There have also been signs posted in East York addressed to “white people” who are “tired of political correctness,” and a separate incident on a TTC bus where a young man volleyed racially charged insults at another passenger.

“We have been hearing about different things in our community over the last little while that would speak to the kinds of experiences we don’t want to see,” Malloy said. “We are committed at the Toronto District School Board to create respectful and inclusive communities for all.”   (more...)



It's unfortunate that such attitudes have been harbored by some people in the "social conservative" camp. People should think carefully about how it affects their credibility in the public square. Important issues can be undermined and even sabotaged by agendas smuggled in by provocateurs and agitators. Be wise as serpents.

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