Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Guardian view on Greville Janner: justice delayed is justice denied

The Labour peer should have faced a trial, as both his victims and his defenders wanted. Now it is too late for the courts

Greville Janner, the Labour peer who died on Saturday, is now beyond justice, at least of the earthly kind. Nor will his victims get their day in court, probably not even the trial of the facts they were promised earlier this year after Lord Janner was declared incapable, because of severe dementia, of defending himself, although the final decision rests with the high court, which first authorised the highly unusual procedure. The high court is now shut until the second week of the new year, something that is all of a piece with what are at best shockingly lethargic processes that have marred every aspect of this attempt to bring Lord Janner to trial on multiple charges of child sex abuse.

It is now nearly 25 years since a prosecution could first have been brought, after investigations into allegations made in court against Lord Janner when he was still an MP.  (more...)

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