Monday, December 28, 2015

Malta, Masonry & The CIA

Funny handshake?
The dark arts of espionage share more in common with historically-rooted secret societies than the media would care to admit. Using decades of experience and observation, KGB First Chief Directorate Col. Stanislav Lekarev (1935-2010) takes us into the murky netherworld of globalist powerplayers, occult orders, and state intelligence services.

In the “Masonic-intelligence” complex, it’s difficult to say who’s more central – who’s the real “leader,” and who’s being “led.” This has taken shape in various ways. It’s well-known that through its men in the Masonic lodges, the CIA is able to channel the work of the international business community into directions needed by the United States. But Masons who work in the CIA are also capable of setting the tone they require.

In any case, Masonic techniques have been adopted in the CIA, MI6, the BND, and Mossad. With all conditions equal, during officer selection preference is given to Freemasons. Masonic lodges serve not only as a personnel reservoir, but as their own type of guarantor of a given officer’s reliability. In contemporary conditions, the setting out of agents of influence and the use of blackmail; bribery; intimidation; and defamation of one’s enemies have entered soundly into the arsenal of these kindred organizations. Consequently, the leaderships of the Masonic lodges and NATO intelligence services were spliced together.  (more...)

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