Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Ontario government’s education quasi-monopoly is not benefiting children

It's time the government started to work in our best interest and reform the education system.
For too often, students, parents and taxpayers are left in the cold or given a false sense of "being involved" when it comes to issues such as union disputes, curriculum changes, and matters of education spending.

In the past few years alone, the children in Hamilton's Ward 7 have witnessed two work-to-rule job actions and lost three elementary schools during the latest Accommodation Review Committee decisions. Many of them will not be able to attend the new high school after losing Hill Park School.

As taxpayers, you and I have little, if any, say or ability to change this.

Now factor in recent issues such as plummeting literacy scores, a terrible math curriculum, and issues regarding religious freedom for some religious and ethnic groups, and you'll see it's time the government stopped its quasi-monopoly-style education system.  (more...)

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