Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ontario teachers dispute turns kids into pawns

Given the current situation.

This is the phrase being used at Ontario elementary schools this week, to explain the latest job action by teachers.

"Given the current situation ..."

And then a child will be told there will be no more band practice this year.

Or no more flag football, Halloween dance, book club, Christmas recital -- a long list of things will follow the phrase: "Given the current situation."

The child will hear the phrase in a school gymnasium perhaps, summoned for an assembly where a non-unionized school principal or vice-principle will thank them for coming and then dropping their voice an octave, in their best serious voice, say: "Given the current situation ..."

And then explain how the child is about to get worked over and used as a pawn in the labour dispute between the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario and the provincial government.  (more...)

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