Friday, October 3, 2014

Retrospective: Robert Sirico and the Sins that Cry to Heaven for Vengeance

“Greetings from Michigan! I'm blogging briefly from the rectory of St. Stanislaus parish before we go to lunch in Kalamazoo and I meet (among others) Fr. Robert Sirico (thereby confirming the darkest suspicions of Thomas Herron and other Culture Warriors. After our Scheming Neocon Catholic Lunch we will synchronize watches, split up, and do our bit to fatten ourselves on the Da Vinci Code, subvert the Church with Zionist sympathies, and act the Court Prophet for the glories of George Dubya Bush, Democratic Capitalism, and the American Way. All in a day's work for a simple-minded half-Protestant convert who does not fully grasp the mind of the Church.”

June 8, 2006, Mark Shea of Seattle, WA, noted Catholic convert and writer on his blog Catholic and Enjoying It!

I suppose I have to understand it as the victory of the new electronic media over the old paper magazines like the one you’re currently reading. Because in these very pages, I discussed the Acton Institute’s president, Father Robert Sirico’s history in the space of a long article and nobody jumped. But when I did repeat these findings on my blog in cyberspace it caused two noted Catholic web authors to arrange a pie-eating contest at a restaurant in Kalamazoo, Michigan during June, 2006 at which Catholic acceptance of laissez faire economics and denouncing, while sitting across from the famous cleric who leads the Acton Institute. Judging from the girth of the two noted Catholic bloggers, one a local priest of the Kalamazoo diocese and the other a noted layman from Seattle, I suspect the photo must have been taken with a wide angle lens. Maybe no one reacted because people in eastern Pennsylvania are too subtle in their writings, leaving the readers to draw their own conclusions, when compared to folks out near Pittsburgh who call a spade a spade. In this instance, Randy Engel, who lives near Pittsburgh, asked the Vatican to investigate how a onetime gay activist can be ordained a Catholic priest and then maneuver from religious life to at least two dioceses to become the founder of an institute devoted to the advancement of free-market economic theories explicitly condemned by various popes.  (more...)

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