Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Now, it's not even politically correct to advertise Catholic education

Forget teaching the faith in its fullness.We now have gotten to the point that we can't even talk respectfully about Catholic education in the public square. Take the recent incident of the video produced by the Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association called, Faith in Our Future. It's a harmless bit of advertising about the value of Catholic education. But there have been complaints about it as soon as it was released and so it's been officially withdrawn.

 Who complained? Supposedly those who want a complete end to Catholic education. It's people who work and represent public education and don't like Catholic advertising because it may bring more students to the separate system. You see there's now a battle for student bodies, not the quality of education. More pupils means more money, better facilities, more teachers and administrators and the unions too get to collect more fees. It's mostly to do with money and control of the educational system. Education in Ontario is an enterprise worth billions of dollars.  (more...)

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