Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cincinnati’s Curious Masonic Church

Cincinnati has long appeared to have a revolving door between the Masonic lodges and the Catholic Church.  Having grown up there, I can recall discussions of various people who were both in Knights of Columbus and Masons, and rumors of parishes that were pagan experiments.  People talk, and that sort of talk happened way before blogging.

In all of that talk there was always a pernicious discussion that the erstwhile vocations director for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati would wear a masonic ring.  In that day, when then metropolitan, Archbishiop Daniel Pilarczyk, was placing such curious women and lay people as Barbara Fiand into the seminary for the “advancement of the laity,” as well as gutting the language of the Mass with ICEL, there was some rumors that would rise to the level of press reports.  This rumor of a freemasonic vocations director was one of those...  (more...)

These guys really get around:

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