Friday, June 28, 2013

Former teachers' union godfather who fought Ontario Liberals now set to join them


LONDON, Ont. -- A teachers' union leader who spent much of the winter sparring with the Ontario Liberals is now set to join them.

On the heels of a protracted dispute with Queen's Park, Ken Coran, the departing head of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation, will next week become the Liberal candidate in an expected summertime London West byelection.

The selection of Coran is causing a stir among Grits, even before opposing politicians have even taken a swing.
"This sounds like something the NDP and PCs would cook up just to discredit us," Dan Foster, a card-carrying Liberal, said in reference to Coran's role in the contentious teacher contract negotiations.

Critics, he predicted, will question how Coran can "criticize the government then jump in bed with it."  (more...)

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