Thursday, June 27, 2013

An old student companion that is still all too relevant

Knowing our past and preserving what is best about it can help to guide our present and shape our future. However, today we have sadly jettisoned much of the past in an effort to be politically correct. Is it because we no longer need to be informed by it? Hardly. There's this rush to embrace and legislate the progressive and the politically acceptable. But this myopic approach to history isn't at all the most useful and constructive when it comes to shaping our lives and our society.

Take the subject of public education. Surely we all realize that in Canada and the rest of the West there has been a strong legislative push in school curricula and the larger society to redefine human sexuality, the family and marriage. It's culture battle that is undermining God and religious beliefs in public and Catholic schools and the public square. The West has declared what amounts to war on Christianity and its roots. In Ontario, the attack has come in the name of the "equity and inclusive education strategy" which later became law with Bill 13. (more...)

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