Friday, June 28, 2013

Audit called for Child Protective Services: America’s fourth scandal

With today’s serious government scandals being brought to light, there remains one that has eluded the national attention under the premise of protecting children.
It has recently been spotlighted again in the Hi-Desert Star’s May 15 article, “Lawmaker calls for audit of Child Services” and channel 11’s continued series of “System of Lies,” which aired May 15.
The latter reference documented a lawsuit against Orange County’s Child Protective Services, while more lawsuits continue to pile up.
It’s chilling to hear that when social workers are caught in lies and perjury, the punishment, according to Orange County’s director, is absolutely nothing! After attorney Shawn McMillan of San Diego won Deanna Fogherty-Hardwick’s case against Orange County CPS, the director refused to admit any wrongdoing. In reply to the Supreme Court’s decision on the matter, he stated, “That’s their opinion.” This response exemplifies an agency that has little or no accountability, which does not inspire public trust or confidence.  (more...)

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