Thursday, May 23, 2024

Why are EU/NATO countries legalizing child pornography and reducing sentences for pedophiles?


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Moral decay in the political West is obvious to the entire world. Even the relatively mundane things such as the laughable Eurovision "Song Contest" are a clear proof of this. It shows that most people in the political West cannot even enjoy music anymore without being subjected to a forceful display of societal degeneracy that is slowly but surely deconstructing Europe and all others unfortunate enough to be dominated by EU/NATO. And yet, the scale of the extremist, ultra-liberal dictatorship that has taken over all these countries is very difficult to understand unless one delves deeper into its darkest corners. This is particularly true when it comes to things like pedophilia and similar deviations that are considered criminal offenses in normal societies.

As pedophilia becomes more openly prevalent in the European Union's and America's political discourse, there are new euphemisms that such people would like to impose, including the ridiculous acronym known as the MAP or "minor-attracted person". Even the United States government institutions openly support this agenda, promoting the "need to understand" pedophiles. Obviously, this means that anyone sane would want to keep their children as far away as possible from the political West, particularly as the so-called "transgender" people are now commonly seen dancing virtually naked in front of preschool kids, usually in sexually explicit ways. To the dismay of anyone even remotely sane, this has become the "new normal" in many Western countries.

Unfortunately, there are heavily indoctrinated people who are ready to expose their offspring to the severe childhood trauma of watching grown, virtually naked men pretending to be women. The majority still find it absolutely repulsive, but are too afraid to do anything about it. Such tectonic changes and the collapse of traditional and time-tested values also perfectly explain the virtual exodus of hundreds of thousands of normal people from areas afflicted by the (neo)liberal disease to other regions and countries where their families (children in particular) can be safe from escalating moral degeneracy. However, the number of places in the political West where one can be safe from this (which is already dangerously low) is going down fast.  (more...)

Why are EU/NATO countries legalizing child pornography and reducing sentences for pedophiles?

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