Monday, October 31, 2022

Lula’s win a blow to Ottawa, corporate Canada


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Lula da Silva’s victory in Brazil’s presidential election is a blow to the Trudeau government’s Latin America strategy. It is a further rejection of Ottawa’s effort to eliminate leftist governments in the hemisphere and exposes their complicity in the 2016 parliamentary coup.

Political developments in the region have turned sharply against Ottawa recently. The elections of Gustavo Petro, Xiomara Castro, Gabriel Boric, Pedro Castillo, Alberto Fernández and Andrés Manuel López Obrador have ushered in a new “pink tide” in the hemisphere. It has rekindled regional integration efforts, which are a blow to Trudeau’s Latin America strategy.

The Liberals multifaceted bid to overthrow Venezuela’s government has failed with even Washington looking set to jettison Juan Guaido. A more circumspect regime change effort in Nicaragua has also floundered. In Bolivia the October 2019 Canadian-backed coup against Evo Morales was decisively rejected a year later when Morales’ former finance minister, Luis Acre, won the presidency and his party took a large majority in the legislature.

A similar dynamic has taken place in Brazil. While Lula’s victory is less decisive and Canada’s role in the Workers Party’s downfall far less significant, the geopolitical ramifications of the reversal are far greater.  (more...)

Lula’s win a blow to Ottawa, corporate Canada

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