Monday, September 5, 2022

Biden Faked Having 'COVID' To Evade Papal Censure Of His Pro-Abortion Flip


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During his all-too brief “COVID” infection in late July, President Joe Biden went into hiding aka self-quarantine, despite having subjected himself earlier to Tony Fauci’s double-dose vaccinations, which raised suspicions of faked relapse being an ulterior motive for his going incommunicado. The masked farce staged by the panicked president in hiding prompted the official White House physician Kevin O’Conner, a retired military doctor of Irish ancestry, to go missing in action, a wise choice since this mission was way beyond the call of duty and the grace of God. Acting in his place on the front-line of fear itself, Dr. Ashish Jha demonstrated dubious courage rather than genuine deception, excusing his commander-in-chief on grounds of a “mild case of coronavirus and seems to be recovering well.” In media warfare involving executive privilege, disinformation aka the big lie is a time-honored tactic on par with escape and evasion from cheated voters and angry investors. Meanwhile, Tony Fauci went missing in action, possibly in a deep bunker playing liar’s poker with Joe.

Jha’s daily report of “He has mild symptoms” began to sound like a Hari Krishna mantra, “Humbug, oh money pack my home.” So next, make the speedy recovery a bit plausible, came a news release that the fast-recovering president was on a steady diet of Paxiovid, a flu cure-all from Pfizer, which is as easily ingested as a strawberry-flavored gummy bear, which raises the question of why millions of schoolkids were arm-punctured. Never has an official news briefing been more dubious, and thankfully it was over in just four days, thanks to the miraculous recovery and without miraculous intervention by the Pope who had arrived to next-door Canada.

What was the credible cause of Biden’s self-cloistering? His escape into darkness was so closely timed with the arrival of Pope Francis to North America as to leave no doubt about his purpose, which was to evade the confession booth. For a Catholic president of his age, the scariest sound other than the boom and puff of a nuclear bomb is the phone ringing from the Vatican secretariat to schedule a papal audience, alone. Especially when he’s been warned that the Pope had access to plush confession kneeler (a padded stoop) for a long session given the backlog of so many sins.

OK, I am speaking here of old-school tradition, which still applies to us aged guys, like myself, who attended daily Latin mass prior to the Vatican II reforms of the early 1960s, which replaced our stern lessons with Sunday-school cartoons. Pope Francis, who served as a priest in Argentina during turbulent times, is an expert at extracting true confessions from horribly misguided fellows from both the left and right who put their political fanaticism ahead of Christian humility. I am confident that the pontiff’s moral rigor could do wonders with Hunter Biden, arriving at the facts like nobody else could, not even his CPA.

Be very clear that confession is not an interrogation, even though it can sometimes seem like psychological torture. Confessing one’s sins is similar in ways to psychiatric therapy, turning one’s assumptions upside down to arrive at an overdue reckoning. Thus, Joe just could not summon the nerve to answer his phone for an invitation to a soul-searching session at a cathedral in Montreal or a humble church in Calgary. Instead of lifting away all that guilt and breathing easy again, Biden still carries the burden of mortal sin on his narrow shoulders and creased forehead.  (more...)

Biden Faked Having 'COVID' To Evade Papal Censure Of His Pro-Abortion Flip

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