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30 Years of Menticide: Part I - From MK-Ultra brainwashing to the American Family Foundation


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In 1956, a young Air Force major named Dr. Louis Jolyon West published an article in the American Journal of Psychiatry with the unambiguous title, "Brainwashing." Dr. West's credentials in that burgeoning field were impressive. As one of the experimental researchers at the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, he was part of a team of psychiatrists carrying out experiments with LSD-25 and other drugs, under the patronage of the CIA. His most recent claim to fame had been his killing of an elephant with a massive dose of LSD, a feat he reportedly documented with photographs that he carried around with him.

The nature of West's activities back then was known to only a handful of people in the most secret corridors of the U.S. and British governments. For most of his colleagues, West was a medical doctor, working in Oklahoma City at the Veterans Administration hospital and holding consulting positions with the University of Oklahoma and the city government of Oklahoma City. Only 20 years later, when congressional investigators discovered the existence of MK-Ultra and other mind-control projects, would West's actual covert career be revealed. And even then, the story would be far from complete. Today, "Jolly" West is as involved as ever in the covert side of mind control.

At about the same time that Dr. West was stalking elephants in the jungles of Oklahoma, Rabbi Maurice Davis was finishing up a five-year stay in Lexington, Kentucky, where, in addition to running a Reform Jewish congregation, he was a chaplain with the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital for drug addicts. The Addiction Research Center (ARC) at Lexington, run by Dr. Harris Isbell, was at the time one of the main recipients of covert MK-Ultra funds to carry out largescale brainwashing and mind-control experiments on the captive population. Through his chaplain's post at the facility, Davis was reportedly a key player in the MK-Ultra work that went on at Lexington. According to one of Dr. Isbell's staff doctors, Sherman Kieffer, Davis was a bridge between the community and the hospital wards, where "patients" were treated to heavy doses of drugs, interspersed with electroshock and induced sleep: "Rabbi Davis as chaplain functioned as a representative of the outside world, projecting the outside world as 'warm and caring.' "

One of the "therapeutic" approaches taken by the ARC toward their patients, was the encouragement of participation in cults.

In 1956, Davis was moving on to bigger and better things-a post as chief rabbi at the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation, the largest Reform synagogue in the state. His work as a community-based patron of mind-bending cults would continue to grow.

Indianapolis is a city whose social welfare and community health structure is dominated by the Eli Lilly Corporation, which at the time was a key element of the secret MK-Ultra work, providing LSD to the CIA out of its pharmaceutical labs. Davis immediately became a fixture of the "ecumenical activist" community there, becoming an intimate collaborator of the Episcopal Bishop Paul Moore. Moore would later move on to the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, where he would emerge as a major patron of the New Age movement, hosting such outfits as the Lucis Trust, Gaia, and the Temple of Understanding  (more...)

30 Years of Menticide: Part I - From MK-Ultra brainwashing to the American Family Foundation

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