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The ideology of the banderists


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If Stepan Bandera was an agent of the Gestapo and left only the memory (positive for some) of the massacres and tortures he organized, Dmytro Dontsov was -and still is- the reference thinker of Ukranian nationalists. It is he who invented Ukrainian racialism and imagined the fanaticism of Ukrainian nationalists as a weapon.

If in previous articles I have presented the history of the Banderist movement from the interwar period to the present day, I would like to talk here about their ideology.

Their reference intellectual, then and now, is Dmytro Dontsov (1883-1973). Although he died in Canada and was buried in the United States, his works have not been translated, but his followers have made them known to us. This absence in the bookstores of other countries explains why he is unknown abroad. However, after a long period of absence, he’s been one of the best-selling authors in Ukraine these recent years.

Feeding like the Nazis on his interpretation of Nietzsche, Dmytro Dontsov called for the birth of a "new man" with "a burning faith and a heart of stone" who would not be afraid to destroy the enemies of Ukraine without mercy. Thinker of the "integral Ukrainian nationalism", he built a philosophy where everything nationalistic is against Russia and against Jews.

He wanted to create an elite people, far from the "egalitarianism of slaves" of the Russian October Revolution and the "universal ideals" of the French Revolution.

He said that the imagination of real Ukrainians must be "fed by the legend of the last battle", the "denial of what is" and the "fascinating image of the catastrophe that will bring something new". They must serve "a categorical order" with "reckless obedience".  (more...)

The ideology of the banderists

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