Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Russians Cancelled: European crusade against Russians


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“Everything Russian is rejected and assaulted”, “Speak as little Russian in public as possible”. These are quotes from Russian people living abroad who have recently been confronted with constant verbal assaults, rudeness and even physical threats during the recent wave of Russophobia. Even children get hurt.

European and especially Eastern European highways now resemble 'roads of fury' for Russian truckers. Cars with Russian number plates have become targets. Very often drivers find them with broken windows and punctured tyres. They say they feel lucky if only their cars were targeted.

Students become victims of Russophobia, too, as a number of European universities make it clear Russians are no longer welcome. Students say they feel a change of attitude towards them which even reflects on their grades.

Russian embassies didn’t manage to avoid Russophobic sentiment, either. Legations are surrounded by picket lines and bombarded with verbal threats. In early April, a vehicle rammed into the gates of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest.

However there are people in the European community who don’t share in the common sentiment, but their voices are simply not heard. For now, many Russians living in Europe, Israel, and the USA see leaving as the only way out.

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