Monday, July 5, 2021

Who will say what during the Vatican financial trial?


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The announcement that 10 individuals will face charges for a range of financial crimes marks the end of a two year investigation by Vatican prosecutors. But the trial, which includes several prominent Vatican figures, is likely to mark the beginning of a new phase in the financial scandal, and could yet lead to more revelations, new accusations, and more figures brought to trial.

The Holy See press office announced July 3 the prosecution of several individuals following a sprawling investigation which began with a complaint lodged against the Secretariat of State’s now famous London property deal. 

The list of those set to face charges in court has drawn international attention, both for the high profile individuals it includes, as well as those it does not. With a potentially lengthy trial set to begin on July 27, many of those set to appear in court have insisted that they will prove their innocence. 

As they make their defenses, the indicted figures may provide new details of the Secretariat of State’s byzantine financial affairs, and could implicate more people in the transactions now deemed explicitly criminal by Vatican authorities.  (more...)

Who will say what during the Vatican financial trial?


Torzi associate is sole director of Vatican’s London property company

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