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Michael Swinwood, Elders Without Borders, at Corona Committee Special Session Intl Legal Offensive


Michael Swinwood, Lead Attorney at Elders Without Borders

Final Guest at Corona Committee

Special Session: International Legal Offensive - Part 1, 23 Apr 2021


I had occasion before I left Canada to pop in on a lawyer I hadn’t seen in almost five years. He’s practised law for 50. So he’s up there but a brilliant man and a brilliant criminal law lawyer, one who mentored me at the beginning and I have a lot of respect for and quite frankly I love him as a human being. But I went to see him and first of all came to the first door. I was met with masked people who were going, Where’s your mask? Where’s your mask? So I had to dig into my pocket and find a mask. Then when I went to see him we went into a room and he was just like this the whole time [indicating with body language: feareful aversion leaning backwards to be further away], “Your mask is under your nose!” He’s giving me all these admonitions. And I said to him, “I guess you don’t know but I’m actually working against all these things that you’re talking about.” [to which he responded with] “Oh what’s wrong with you?” And I was shocked. I thought, Oh, he must have some semblance of knowing.

Now this is an intelligent man. If I was in trouble I’d call him right away. He said, “I’m listening to Dr Fauci and Sanjay Gupta on CNN, and I believe them.” And then I said to him, “Have you done any research yourself?” “No.” And he said, “I’ve got the first vaccine.” And I said, “Do you know what’s in that vaccine?” “No.”

So consciousness—what I’m trying to get across here—here’s an intelligent human being criminal law lawyer, very very experienced, very sharp, very street smart, in complete fear. And not wanting to investigate. Because those people are intelligent and they’re telling the truth. So that consciousness is predominant. It’s in a lot of places where people do not wish to make the investigation. This is where the danger lies. The danger lies in those who don’t want to pay attention to what’s happening around them, see what’s happening around them, and do something about it. They’re quite content to listen to officialdom lie to them and then follow their instructions. That’s what the problem is, 100 percent...

The consciousness of humanity is really what’s at play here. And how we’re able to influence or raise the consciousness of humanity is really the task.


We’re going to dig in and dig in and dig in.... I just filed my Appeal Book and Memorandum of Fact and Law in the Court of Appeal.... We’re also working on the Class Action for Children. We’re also representing Frontline Nurses, who’ve all been taken down and so we’re doing a class action for them. And I have a hearing on June 28th and 29th on behalf of Adamson’s BBQ and Adam Skelly, who engaged in civil disobedience in his restaurant in downtown Toronto and had 253—253 police officers on the raid. But anyway, I’m being heard on June 28th, and 29th. We have six experts. We have a virologist. We’re attacking the PCR. We’re attacking all elements of the hoax. We have great, great experts. And we get to see Canada’s experts on May 13th. They have to provide us with their reports. And then we get to cross examine the experts.

So we’re going Full Tilt Boogie.... Here’s what I’m saying, though. Although it might be different in different countries, what you’re seeing is an agenda that’s the same.

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