Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Deutsche Bank Whistleblower Goes Missing


Deutsche Bank whistleblower money laundering Russia Ukraine crime corruption

Val Broeksmit, the son of a former Deutsche Bank executive, has been missing since April 6, according to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Over the past few years, Broeksmit shared his late father’s internal bank documents with federal authorities and the media as part of investigations into money laundering allegations against the German bank. 

The investigation into Broeksmit’s disappearance is still ongoing, and the LAPD has not confirmed if foul play is involved. Regardless, this tragic situation highlights the potential dangers of blowing the whistle on large-scale corporate misconduct and corruption, and it showcases the need for strong whistleblower protections for those individuals brave enough to come forward with disclosures.

Val Broeksmit’s stepfather Bill Broeksmit was a senior executive at Deutsche Bank who committed suicide in 2014. Subsequently, Val Broeksmit obtained many of his late stepfather’s emails and documents from his work at Deutsche Bank. In the following years, Broeksmit was contacted by federal authorities and the media for information about misconduct at Deutsche.

According to Forensic News, “[i]n 2019, Broeksmit was subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee for his documents relating to Russia and also began cooperating with the FBI that year into their money-laundering probe into Deutsche Bank.” Broeksmit was additionally a source for stories by David Enrich, a financial journalist for The New York Times, as well as for stories by Forensic News. Using documents provided by Broeksmit, Forensic News posted a number of stories about Deutsche Bank’s dealings with Russian and Ukrainian clients.  (more...)

Deutsche Bank Whistleblower Goes Missing


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