Sunday, March 7, 2021

The Reconstituted Knights Templar In Canada


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... In the eyes of the SUPER-RICH ÉLITE therefore, the United States and Canada not only should be ONE but are ONE.

Between 1984 and 1994 (maybe Orwell gave the wrong date - deliberately - to mislead the nwo plotters). Canada became the centre of the whole new world order operation, one huge research laboratory. Canada, the new world order argument ran, will be the test market of the world. Vancouver was gradually made to resemble a never never land in the setting Lemurian sun while, according to one prognosis, Toronto become the 'centre' of a vast Satanic conspiracy, the eye of a tornado where the forces of evil contend with the forces of good for domination of the planet during the next 1,000 years.

All of the horrific new world order mechanisms to dehumanize man were prepared with a hatred as fierce and ingenious as only man is capable of conceiving for man. Then in 1992, the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati made an even bolder step. At a War/Peace Conference in South America it was agreed that the new world order take over one country totally. The choice of country hung in the balance...

The country chosen was Canada. It was to be the staging ground for the new world order Plan, even though the controlling mechanism for the whole operation was in the United States: Rae's casinos, to be erected on the border in Windsor, were to provide the points of contact and exchange. If we can get away with this operation in Canada, the new world order argument ran, we can get away with it anywhere.  (more...)

The Reconstituted Knights Templar In Canada


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