Sunday, January 24, 2021

Road to Holocaust

“I remember what my mother once said around 1938. ‘Germany? Such a cultured country?’ This was unimaginable” – Krystyna Budnicka, who lost her parents and seven siblings to the Holocaust

For a very long time, many people simply couldn’t believe what was happening, as the Holocaust was a planned atrocity, carried out systematically on an unimaginably massive scale. Holocaust survivors carry a burden of memories which will forever weigh heavily on their hearts and souls. Witnesses and survivors of these tragic events shared their stories with the creators of the film “Witnesses to the Age. Road to Holocaust”. Their accounts paint a horrific picture of German occupation which includes the growing persecution of Jews and the successive stages of the Holocaust – leading up to the extermination camps. With no additional commentary, the film consists solely of the accounts of Holocaust witnesses and survivors, reflecting the terrifying truth about the scale of this atrocity. What happened outside the largest cities in German-occupied territories? How was the Holocaust carried out in small towns and villages? How many Jews died before getting to extermination camps? How many atrocities remain unknown outside local communities?

“Witnesses to the Age. Road to Holocaust” gives a voice to the Holocaust victims whose struggle had been unknown to many of us…

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