Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Nazi horror camp for Polish children: new book reveals 'heart-breaking' accounts from survivors


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Instead of cuddles and bedtime stories, Polish children as young as two would hear “Achtung! Raus! Polnische Schweine!” barked at them by degenerate German guards who treated them like animals.

Chilled to the bone in freezing weather, desperate for calories, the tiny victims of Hitler’s all-conquering Third Reich would be forced to crawl on the ground and lick German boots for a ladle of watery “soup” of dead insects, sand, plastic and maybe a few cabbage leaves.

Worked to exhaustion, beaten, tortured and riddled with disease, the children expired in large numbers. This incomprehensible human tragedy was planned and executed by the Germans at a concentration camp set up on the edge of the Łódź Ghetto for the specific purpose of abusing, humiliating and tormenting Polish children.

What is doubly shocking is that having stolen their childhoods once in 1942-45 when the camp operated, the Germans robbed them of their rights as victims after war by stealing and “losing” documents proving that they had been at the camp.

These are the sensational claims made by Jolanta Sowińska-Gogacz, the co-author of a blistering new book about the camp published this week ‘Mały Oświęcim. Dziecięcy obóz w Łodzi’ (Little Oświęcim. The children’s camp in Lódź), which was racing up the bestseller charts in Poland even before its launch.  (more...)

Nazi horror camp for Polish children: new book reveals 'heart-breaking' accounts from survivors of the camp in Łódź that postwar Germany tried to hush up

Germany Nazi crime Poland abuse children slavery eugenics genocide history books

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