Thursday, September 17, 2020

TDY and War Trafficking

 Doug Valentine talks about his latest book, “TDY” based on a story told to him by a veteran of the Vietnam war who was sent on a covert mission related to the CIA and military involvement in trafficking... 

From the book description: 

“This novel by Douglas Valentine, author of the nonfiction bestseller The CIA as Organized Crime, is based on a true story, one told to him by a Vietnam veteran, and barely, yet grippingly, fictionalized here.

“In early 1967, a bored, adventurous photojournalist on an Air Force base in Texas is offered a Temporary Duty (TDY) assignment somewhere overseas. The mission is steeped in secrecy, but Pete is promised a large bonus and hazardous duty pay.  The mission that unfolds is terrifying beyond anything Pete ever imagined.”

Here’s what Oliver Stone said about the book: “I read it in suspense and found the last revelations after the mission even more disturbing.”

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