Friday, September 25, 2020

Lord Mountbatten: The Grandfather of All Royal British Sex Scandals


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Prince Andrew’s alleged sexual crimes, bad as they are, are nothing but smokescreen to distract attention of the public from the problem that never goes away: the legacy of Lord Mountbatten, a gigantic figure in the Windsor dynasty, and the center of the most troubling allegations of sexual crimes against children.

This could well be the breaking point of British society with the Royals – and that’s why Andrew is at once a problem – for raising awareness of Royal misconduct – and a patsy, for taking the public fall after other family members have credibly been accused of doing much, much worse.

In 2019, Andrew Lownie, the author of a book on Lord Mountbatten, denounced the secrecy that continues to surround the child sex abuse allegations concerning the murdered royal, at a time when the public is demanding greater openness over such claims, as in the allegations about Prince Andrew.

“Why do we never hear the same demands for disclosure about the cover-up of Lord Mountbatten’s death and the involvement of the state in suppressing the [reporting on] trafficking and sexual exploitation of young boys from London and [Belfast’s] Kincora House?”

Lownie’s best-selling book on Lord Mountbatten features interviews with several men who claim to have been trafficked from Belfast, as young boys, to Mountbatten’s castle in County Sligo, in August 1977.

He added: “Mountbatten and many, many others in Northern Ireland and the UK, in the past, had sex with young boys and girls going right back to the 1970s, and earlier”, wrote Lownie.

“That was all swept under the carpet while the rich and powerful sheltered under the protection of the state. Surely the Mountbatten affair should be ruled by exactly the same decisions on disclosure [as Andrew’s]?”  (more...)

Lord Mountbatten: The Grandfather of All Royal British Sex Scandals

books Mountbatten abuse boys crime pedophilia rape child prostitution Royals

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