Sunday, April 5, 2020

Strange Tales of the Parapolitical: Postwar Nazis, Mercenaries, and Other Secret History

Strange Tales of the Parapolitical is one long, terrifying journey into the black heart of the national security state and beyond. S. William Snider ("Recluse" of the famed VISUP parapolitical blog) and Frank Zero (he of ZeroKnight and co-author of Contact), co-hosts of the cult podcast The Farm, reteam once again for this series of essays. Here you will learn how one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in these United States has molded both the counterculture and the Christian right for decades; about the international reach of the most infamous Nazi colony in South America, to say nothing of the arch child rapist who headed it; the secret history of the modern private military industry and its shocking reach into the Trump administration; and the terrifying implications of the RFID chip. Drawing equal inspiration from the synchro-mysticism  and the scholarly deep political histories of Peter Dale Scott and Jeffrey Bale, Recluse and Zero provide a surreal and haunting road map of how we arrived in the Trump era and where we may go from here.

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