Friday, January 24, 2020

Reports Identify Leader Of Neo-Nazi ‘Base’ Group After Week Of Arrests

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The founder and leader of the neo-Nazi group “The Base” has been identified in news reports, days after seven alleged members of the organization were arrested and charged in three separate cases across the country.

The man who founded the neo-Nazi “accelerationist” group, which seeks to hasten civilizational collapse, fight a race war and establish a white ethnostate, goes by the names “Norman Spear” and “Roman Wolf” online.

The Guardian first reported Thursday that “Norman Spear” is Rinaldo Nazzaro, a 46-year-old New Jersey-born man. The BBC subsequently confirmed that reporting with its own. He was reportedly married to a Russian-born woman in Manhattan in 2012 and is currently living in Russia.

Nazzaro, according to the reports, had previously advertised his services as an intelligence and security expert and claimed to have been a veteran and former CIA field officer. Four members of The Base, the Guardian reported, have left the group citing suspicions that Nazzaro is really a law enforcement agent, or that his organization was a “honeypot” to lure neo-Nazis into the open.  (more...)

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