Monday, January 27, 2020

Don't forget there were many British supporters of the Nazis

Britain fascism war Nazi traitors history
British adventurer John Amery, right, was recruited by the Nazis in France
THE always erudite GEORGE Kerevan is entirely right to correct ahistorical “Churchillian myths” of Britain standing alone against Nazism, one of the central fairy stories which underpin the concept of Britishness which has been culturally force fed to Scots over decades

Fact one is that there was significant input into the defence of Britain at that time from various Commonwealth countries – Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in particular. Fact two is that due to the wipe-out of continental forces by the Nazis, in the early part of World War Two there were Free French and Free Polish forces starting to coalesce in defence of Britain also. So it was a broad, multinational force that was ranged against the Nazis at the time of the Battle of Britain.

Also very much overlooked is the third fact that far from Britain being a bulwark of anti-Nazism, there were many products of the British ruling class, such as John Amery and Lord Semple, actively working for a Nazi victory at the time of the Battle of Britain.



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