Friday, January 18, 2019

Taxpayer Funded Fake News Mill CBC Decries Fake News

mainstream media Nazi politics propaganda Ukraine Canada

Dmitry Kiselyov has a unique distinction among Russian broadcasters. 

He's the only Russian media personality among the 93 individuals named on Canada's economic sanctions list, which targets Russians the Canadian government believes are engaging in "activities related to the violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine."

Kiselyov is hardly the only broadcaster spinning the Kremlin's political line, but he is seen as one of its most effective messengers. A recent poll by the independent Levada Center ranked him and his prime-time Sunday night program, Vesti Nedeli (News of the Week), as one of the most influential sources of news in the country.

And last Sunday, Kiselyov turned his sights on Canada.

He began his program by asking, "Why do descendents of Ukrainian nationalists love [Ukrainian President Petro] Poroshenko so much?" A Canada-based Russian reporter then proceeded to make the case that the answer can be found by looking at the history of Canadian-Ukrainians who supported Nazi Germany in the Second World War and fought against the Soviets.  (more...)

Them's funny smelling perogies:

mainstream media Nazi politics propaganda Ukraine Canada

What's a new cold war without media greased pig-wrestling contests? Who needs truth when you have bacon? Wherever you find the press, you'll find Nazis:

mainstream media Nazi politics propaganda Ukraine Canada

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