Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Polish Conundrum: "German Arrogance"

BERLIN/WARSAW (Own report) - Poland's ambassador to Germany is raising serious accusations against the Federal Republic. "More than half of the past 100 years of German policy toward Poland have been a disaster," the diplomat from Warsaw declared at a conference in Berlin. He also criticized Germany's dealings with Poland since the 1990s. Germany is pursuing its economic interests in Eastern Europe against Poland, even according to German observers, who themselves are critical of the current Polish government. The German government is also using the EU to achieve its goals against Poland's resistance. Poland's ambassador is now calling for dialog "at eye level" and a new approach to German WWII mass crimes in Poland. Berlin rejects these demands for reparations trying to limit itself to cheap commemoration ceremonies. This also concerns a largely unknown group of Nazi victims - those of the "forced Germanization" of Polish children, who had been abducted to the Reich.

Polish criticism is - however not exclusively - stemming also from its experience at the height of the 2015 wave of refugees into the EU. In September 2015, the EU Council decided to distribute refugees, who were stranded in Greece and Italy, to all EU countries - against the vote of several EU members. Poland refused to abide by this decision, reflecting the attitude of the large majority of the Polish population. According to surveys, in the course of 2016, 52 to 61 percent of the Polish population categorically rejected admitting war-zone refugees. Among young Poles, aged between 15 and 24, the rejection reached 73 percent. The surveys also revealed a very different attitude toward refugees in May 2015, when only 21 percent of the population opposed their admission. However, in the spring of 2015, refugees from Ukraine were the focus of attention, whereas in 2016, it was the refugees from the Arab world. Apparently, for a majority of the Polish population the willingness to aid refugees depends on their country of origin. The EU lawsuit against Poland, subsequent to its refusal to comply with the Council's decision, has merely reinforced these positions. Experts warn of the high "political costs" this power struggle could have.  (more...)

Clearly, the German problem is intractable so long as Germany serves as the proxy of multinational corporate power.  Poles should look past the sock-puppet (or should we say the jackboot-puppet?) and confront the puppet-master:

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  1. Country of origin of victims of war and misplacement or - more likely - economic migrants in search of welfare payments (on the host's cost) is relevant so far as it represents a civilization. Poles are a Nation who suffered tremendously. We have always been known for openness to others, almost too naive for own good. We also love Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother. We may not be intellectually superior to Jews, but we are intelligent enough to see the incompatibility of a world-wide Caliphate and sharia law with our Christian home, our values and laws. Jews can see it too, pushing multi-culturalism on the rest of the world, while removing Muslims and migrants from Israel. They target Poland's opposition to their plan for the multi-culti West by increasingly accusing us of responsibility for the Holocaust. They brainwashed young Israelis to believe that Poles were equally or more responsible for Oswiecim than Germans. But... we wake up... We trust in God and His Holy Mother.