Saturday, November 3, 2018

Ontario to pull teaching licences from sexual abusers

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All Ontario teachers found guilty of sexually abusing a student — including making inappropriate comments or sending messages — will automatically lose their licences under new legislation proposed by the provincial government.

The wide-ranging changes, introduced Thursday by Education Minister Lisa Thompson, will also require new teachers to pass a math competency test before being certified.

Thompson later told reporters she was open to having current teachers take a math test as well.

"There are parts of the system that are broken," she said in announcing the changes. "We are committed to ensuring the best learning environment."

Although the previous Liberal government introduced legislation addressing teacher misconduct in 2016, critics said it had too many loopholes because it specified acts — intercourse, masturbation, child pornography and genital contact — which would lead to the loss of a teaching certificate.

That led to cases where those found guilty by the Ontario College of Teachers of sexual touching or lewd comments were allowed to remain in the classroom.

Although the Liberals updated the law earlier this year to include sexual touching, Thompson's new Safe and Supportive Classrooms Act uses the broader term "sexual abuse" to ensure all such misconduct is included — something a number of advocacy groups had called for.  (more...)


What an original idea!

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