Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Reserve force commanders dumped, racial incidents alleged: Army units in Ontario dealing with crisis in leadership

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In an unprecedented series of developments that one former officer says represents a crisis in leadership in the Canadian Army Reserve, the military has in the last several months removed one reserve-unit commanding officer, temporarily suspended another and accepted the resignation of a third. At the same time, it has faced a case of alleged persistent racial abuse in one of its reserve unit, sources told Postmedia, amid allegations of an attempted cover-up.

The four cases appear to be unrelated, as they affect different reserve units in Ontario. But the military is refusing to provide specific details . “In order to respect the rights of individuals involved, under the Privacy Act, we will not be providing specifics about the circumstances,” said army spokesman Lt.-Col. Andre Salloum.

The army confirmed the details of the senior officers’ status, but declined to say whether the events surrounding the removal of the officers involved sexual impropriety or the theft of public funds. The army also confirmed an investigation into the alleged racist incidents was carried out at the unit level, but would not provide information about which of the 40 Canadian Army primary reserve units in Ontario are involved. Military police are not investigating.  (more...)


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