Friday, September 28, 2018

Helmut Oberlander Loses Appeal to Retain Citizenship

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Helmut Oberlander, a Ukrainian immigrant who served as an interpreter for the Nazis in the Einsatzkommando on the Soviet Front in the Second World War, has lost his appeal to retain his Canadian citizenship on Thursday.

The federal government stripped the 94-year-old Waterloo, Ont., resident off his citizenship for the fourth time last July.

In a statement, the court said the government’s finding that Oberlander had lied about his wartime activities when he arrived in Canada in 1954 was “justifiable,” opening the door to his deportation.

When he landed in Canada, Oberlander made no mention of his membership in the Einsatzkommando, a Nazi mobile killing squad that systematically executed thousands of people in the former Soviet Union after the German invasion. Oberlander is not accused of taking part in any of the killings.

But the federal court in its decision upheld the government’s conclusion that Oberlander “voluntarily made a knowing and significant contribution to the crimes and criminal purpose of this SS killing squad.” (more...)

But it still ain't over:

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