Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Isle of Man – Paedophile Paradise for downloading child abuse pictures

Number of Child Abuse Downloaders in IOM per 100,000 Population

The Isle of Man has the highest proportion per population, in the world, of downloaders of child abuse material from the internet, according to one investigation by Norwegian journalists.

The Norwegian investigation was in fact nearly two years ago and most of this post was written many months ago, but never finished. It is however perhaps even more relevant now when the issue of child sexual abuse on the island, has finally been raised in Tynwald, thanks to Tim Baker MHK.

This information has been public for nearly 2 years now.

The big question is…

Have Police identified the downloaders and taken action? If not why not?

If not, there are potentially 149 paedophile downloaders, downloading child abuse material who have been downloading for possibly more than 2 years uninhibited. Perhaps also they have been abusing children on the island.  (more...)


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