Monday, March 20, 2017

School board sued over allegations of bullying involving Peterborough girl, 12

A Peterborough girl is suing her teacher, principal and school board for $8 million after she was allegedly bullied sick and marginalized to the point of having to pee her pants when denied a bathroom break.

According to a statement of claim filed with Ontario's Superior Court of Justice, Clemencia Muleba, 12, and her dad, Jean-Pierre Muleba, are suing teacher Julie Beaudet, principal Melanie Langlois and the Conseil Scolaire De District Catholique Centre-Sud, a Toronto-based French-Catholic board that oversees the Ecole elementaire catholique Monseigneur-Jamot elementary school.

The claim alleges the teacher, Beaudet, turned a blind eye to incidents last year involving that saw Clemencia, then in Grade 6, taunted and belittled by several older classmates.

Clemencia also claims she was regularly rejected by in-class groups and that she was the target of "sexual and hurtful comment(s)," such as "bigger buttocks" and "fat."

The teacher allegedly didn't report the bullying to Principal Langlois.

The claim goes on to state Langlois failed to take necessary steps to end the bullying after finding out about it.

And Beaudet, herself, seems to have ended up in the crosshairs of discrimination accusations.

In December, Beaudet allegedly refused Clemencia an urgenty-needed bathroom break during an exam, resulting in the girl urinating in her pants, according to the claim, which goes on to state that "toilet permission has always been given to other students."

Beaudet also stands accused of excluding Clemencia from "the last" volleyball practices and games, "saying she was not good at all in volleyball."

Clemencia is now being treated at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children for a stomach ulcer and stress disorder, the latter of which causes her to vomit, says her dad, Jean-Pierre Muleba.  (more...)

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  1. Wow how sad they are right i would sue the school as well