Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ministry investigators urged to push for sweeping change at York school board

Parents and community members are urging the Ministry of Education to push for sweeping change within the troubled York Region District School Board, including the dismissal of its director of education and hiring a public ombudsman to deal with complaints.

The recommendations come as ministry investigators wrap up their investigation of the scandal-plagued board.

Ministry troubleshooters Patrick Case and Sue Herbert have conducted more than 75 interviews involving about 125 people, including parents, community members, students, current and former staff, unions, professional associations and trustees, according to a ministry spokeswoman. An additional 200 individuals and groups have reached out through email.

A list of seven recommendations on behalf of parents and community groups was sent to Case and Herbert on Friday, two weeks before they are to complete the investigation, as a follow-up to numerous meetings that have taken place over the past two months.  (more...)

My own experience of social engineers, who were abundant at my alma mater, is that synthetic identities were invented to displace legitimate oppressed groups. The gender ideology prevalent in our current education establishment is the tool crafted by oligarchs to suppress groups targeted by their eugenic schemes.

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