Thursday, November 24, 2022

Chrystia Freeland: The dangerous WEF devotee behind Trudeau’s Canadian project


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CHRYSTIA Freeland: student of Russian history, financial journalist, published author, Minister of International Trade, Minister of Foreign Affairs and now Minister of Finance and Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister. But who is this woman who has been tipped as the heir apparent to Prime Minister Trudeau?

During her student days, while on an exchange at Kiev University her work with New York Times reporter Bill Keller documented the Bykivnia graves, an unmarked mass grave site in Ukraine where the Soviet secret police NKVD had murdered tens of thousands of ‘enemies of the Soviet state’. As a result she was denied re-entry to the Soviet Union.

After spending ten years as a journalist, including a spell on the London Financial Times, she entered the Ottawa parliament in 2013 and swiftly rose through the ranks. Trudeau appointed her Minister of International Trade in 2015. In 2017 she was Minister of Foreign Affairs and two years later she was appointed Deputy Prime Minister. In 2020, after a Cabinet reshuffle by Trudeau, Freeland added Minister of Finance to her portfolio. 

When Trudeau inevitably departs his successor will already have been anointed: Canada’s corporate media have already cast the deciding vote. The journalists who backed Trudeau are now writing of Freeland with the admiration and awe they once displayed at the boy wonder’s every statement. Freeland is also being touted by the New York Times as a successor to Jens Stoltenberg as Nato Secretary General. But what lies behind the media hype?  (more...)

Chrystia Freeland: The dangerous WEF devotee behind Trudeau’s Canadian project

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