Sunday, July 25, 2021

Jordan Peterson: Nazi Perfect Order, Template For The New Normal


University of Toronto Nazi indoctrination Jordan Peterson Hitler apologist occult

Watch as Jordan Peterson characterizes the Nazis as “perfect,” their propaganda as “artistic,” their leader as excellent at nearly everything, and his nemesis—the eternal Jew—as “disgusting.” 

Could it really be that the University of Toronto offers classes that promote pro-Nazi ideology? Incredibly, yes, and after a spell of Hitlerite indoctrination, the students applaud. This represents a sweeping social failure, or to Canadian journalists and U of T administrators: a non-issue.


  1. What thoughtlessness is driving this website to post this video? To support these videos? Here, very clearly Jordan Peterson, professor in psychology, is describing Hitler and fascism to his students. Students most likely IN psychology. Therefore, the video postulates, we can paint Jordan Peterson a Nazi himself. What??

    1. Psychology in Canada is put to some rather interesting uses:

      ... as it is in Germany:

      I lived on Peterson's campus for 5 years, and in the near vicinity for many more. It's kinda hard not to notice the Nazi undercurrent.