Monday, June 28, 2021

Michael Swinwood: Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide


Debriefing with Michael Swinwood, Canadian indigenous advocate, who has just filed a complaint in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. This complaint is filed on behalf of seven people strongly affected by the liberticidal decisions including a disabled person who has seen his life completely turned upside down. It takes on a special character because it pits them against 17 “defendants” which include Pope Francis, Le Saint-Voyage, The Vatican State, The Society of Jesus, Queen Elizabeth II, the World Vaccine Alliance (Gavi), the World Health Organization / Public Health, the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Dr Theresa Tam, Premiere Doug Ford, Christine Elliott, Mayor Jim Watson, Attorney General of Canada, and the Attorney General of Ontario. This is within the framework of the 1992 law on collective redress.

The peculiarity of this complaint is that it goes back to the history and the formation of Canada. Master Swinwood, specialist in indigenous issues, is well acquainted with the notions of genocides perpetrated against those he calls the “Redskins”. We therefore find side by side the Pope, Queen Elizabeth, Gavi, WHO, Bill Gates In his debriefing in English (update January 1: French subtitles are available), Michael Swinwood looks back on the history of Canada, and on the suspect basis in his eyes of the freedom-killing decisions of the lockdowns. For him, the Canadian government did not declare the pandemic but only waved the WHO declaration. He talks about the human rights to informed consent, health and bodily integrity. And also returns to vaccines and bioethics (Oviedo convention).

If there is a question as to whether or not this is a true pandemic and if there’s a question as to whether or not the testing is valid and whether or not the vaccination is going to do what they say it’s going to do, Why is it that no one wants to speak about that publicly? They don’t want to speak about the idea of pandemic. The government of Canada, for instance, says in its Order and Council, “due to a pandemic declared by the WHO”. That’s their justification for lockdown and wiping out the middle class because that’s what the lockdown is doing.

The lockdown is wiping out the middle class and wiping out the business. And then you’d have to say, Well wait a minute. If 98.08% of people recover from Covid and there are valid treatments for covid that are being suppressed and the media is being suppressed and censorship is abounding everywhere and the whole world is under this same regime, you have to ask yourself the question, Why? Why? And the answer is, Look at the WHO and look at the World Economic Forum, put together 5G along with Pandemic along with World Economic Forum and the Great Reset and you’ll see the whole agenda.

The agenda now is in front of humanity. That agenda is designed to cull the herd, bring down the population. And it is designed to make the elite be in a better position of control. The vaccinations are designed to alter the DNA and likely nanochip people so that surveillance can take place with the satellites that are placed over and around the Mother Earth.

All of this in insanity. It just is. And for people to sit back and go, Well, I’ll take the vaccination and then I’ll be able to fight the virus. I’ve actually heard people say that. I’m standing at the edge of the cliff and going, Don’t go over. Don’t go over the cliff. You’re being lied to. This is a hoax. But because this has been manipulated for a long time. This isn’t just overnight. This was all attempted with the Swine Flu. Everything was in place for this pandemic with the Swine Flu. But they had to have the doctors give the vaccination and the doctors put their needle down and went, No. We’re not doing this. And their plan failed. And they’re back.

In 2017, the WHO, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation, the United Nations, and a drug company that no longer exists, sterilized 500,000 women and girls in Kenya. 2017 [I, II, III]. Sterilization is an act of genocide. Those people are being asked to save the world. Oh my god. Oh my god.

Elders Without Borders

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