Saturday, October 31, 2020

Hitler's American Business Partners

Henry Ford, the legendary automobile manufacturer, James D. Mooney, the GM manager and Tom Watson, the IBM boss, were all awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the Nazis' highest distinction for foreigners, by Hitler for their services to the Third Reich. At this time, in 1937 and 1938, Hitler's armaments industry was running at full speed. The German subsidiaries of these American companies — Opel, the Ford Werke AG and Dehomag — had willingly allowed themselves to be integrated into the "F├╝hrer's" war preparations.

Without the trucks and track-laying vehicles produced by Opel and Ford, Hitler would never have been able to occupy Czechoslovakia or invade Poland and France. Opel was also involved in the production of Ju-88, Hitler's most important bomber. Standard Oil of New Jersey supplied crude oil, special motor oil for tanks and lead additives for aircraft fuel right up to the first years of the war. The Hollerith machines of IBM, predecessor of present-day computers, were to help Hitler organize war and destruction.

The film concentrates on the companies which were indispensable for Hitler to wage war. The documentary is supported by new archive material, as well as interviews with contemporary witnesses and experts.

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