Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Dry Guillotine

France books fascism crime corruption police freemasonry prison

This is the harrowing TRUE story of René Belbenoit's 15 years in the French penal colony. He describes the cruel conditions the convicts lived under in a very matter-of-fact way and mentions some of the incredible statistics, such as how half the convicts died within their first year in Guiana from malnutrition, diseases like malaria, leprosy etc.etc. He also describes his escape attempts and how he was punished with solitary confinement in a cell on Saint Joseph Island. We hear the stories of some of the famous convicts, and the perversity of the guards who enjoys to add to the convicts sufferings be dealing out unjust punishments. In fact, the guards are in many cases worse crooks than the convicts and they steal and swindle with the supplies which were meant for the convicts. We hear about hospitals without medicine, where the only treatment is a can of condensed milk.
Belbenoit finally succeeds in escaping after four unsuccessful attempts and ends up in the U.S.A. where he becomes a citizen.

He later writes a follow-up book called, "Hell On Trial", in which he expand on some aspects of the penal colony, which is also a great book.


More on life in a masonic republic:

France books fascism crime corruption police freemasonry prison

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