Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Neo Fascism and the Far-Right In Europe

Fascist movements are increasingly active throughout Europe and the former Soviet Union. Areas of the Balkans are "ethnically cleansed." Asians are attacked in Britain. Arabs are assaulted in France. Turks are murdered in Germany. While the targets of racism and hate have mostly changed, the rhetoric of vituperation is basically the same. What is startling and not well known is that U.S. policies in postwar Europe assured the survival of Nazism in Germany and fascism in general throughout the continent. The United States found it expedient, because of Cold War politics, to recruit, employ and protect war criminals.

Philip Agee was a former Central Intelligence Agency officer who served in Latin America. After resigning from the CIA he lectured and wrote on the Agency's clandestine operations. His activities were not unnoticed. Ex-CIA Director and later President Bush the first called Agee "a traitor to our country." He is the author of Inside the Company: CIA Diary and On the Run. He died in Cuba in January 2008.


 The Pledge Betrayed

I knew a student of Theodor Adorno who was supposedly an expert in de-Nazification. She didn't de-Nazify anyone. This cultural marxist promoted feminism and strove to undermine the family. The mass murderers merely became abortionists and population controllers.

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