Friday, September 26, 2014

Want details on Toronto trustees' expenses? That will cost $3,300

Trustee Gerri Gershon billed taxpayers $3,765 for a controversial trip to Israel
Want to know exactly what Toronto trustees have charged taxpayers for since the 2010 election? Getting that information will cost you $3,300.

That’s the amount the Star was quoted after filing a freedom-of-information request to the Toronto District School Board for the expenses, including receipts, of the 22 elected officials.

Even after a modified request seeking only conference costs filed by four trustees — including Gerri Gershon, who billed taxpayers $3,765 for a controversial trip to Israel — the price tag was still $1,485.

A letter of explanation from the school board cited 48 hours of “search and preparation” at $30 an hour, or $1,440, plus $45 to photocopy 225 pages. After a phone call to the board, the fee for the modified request was knocked down to $1,200.  (more...)

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